CollaBowl is all about the passion for travel and love for creativity. We are building it to change the way marketing operates in the travel industry.

We believe that the future of travel marketing will be dictated by our ability to create engaging and authentic content and inspire our customers in all possible ways. Travel and hospitality companies that are capable of sharing the real stories and providing valuable recommendations are the ones will lead the game and will build strong and independent brands.

The question is: how do we manage to create something that will blow our customers’ minds and that does not yet exist?

The answer is: opt for collaborations with people who have the knowledge, vision and who are trusted by the consumer. By building mutually beneficial relationships with social media influencers, travel writers, photographers, video makers and all other creative and talented people we can ensure a unique and enjoyable online experience for our future guests.

Collaboration as a key to success

CollaBowl is a peer-to-peer platform that connects travel and hospitality companies with travel influencers, copywriters, photographers, video makers and all other types of inspired creatives willing to share engaging and authentic content.

We believe in collaboration and in building closer relationships, which is why you won’t need to deal with any intermediaries unless you want us to help you with your specific project. There is no need to give away the control and spend money on the agency fees.

For us, this is the way to make creation and distribution of unique content more accessible and understandable for every company in the travel industry, regardless of its size and type. We know that social media, influencer marketing, and content creation are far from being easy to manage. And this is exactly what we are aiming to change.

In the very end, we are all here to inspire people to travel and explore the world around them. And we can definitely do it with the power of story telling.

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