We are working on CollaBowl to transform the way you collaborate with brands and cooperate with other content creators. Our main goal is to promote transparent, honest and professional collaborative relations based on trust and cooperation. Are you in?:)

Find relevant projects and collaborations

  • Search for and get notified about the best collaboration proposals, projects, and tasks published by brands
  • Work with hotels, travel agents, airlines and other companies on the barter/paid basis

Plan your work and increase efficiency

  • Forget about cold emailing and hours of search for the projects. Spend this time on traveling 🙂
  • Plan your travel accommodation and paid job ahead. Filter and search for tasks for specific locations and with relevant requirements

Connect with like-minded creators

  • Expand your professional networks, connect and team up with other creators and influencers, create shared projects
  • Exchange your knowledge and write reviews about the companies you worked with

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