By connecting travel & hospitality companies with social media influencers and digital content creators, we encourage the establishment of strong travel brands & their long-term relationships with modern travelers

Why Choose Us?

Nowadays, developing a solid content marketing strategy is an essential component of building a competitive travel business. Doing it right is the way to sustain your competitive advantage, while content authenticity (i.e. that it is unique and based on the real experience) is a key filtering factor for the travel consumers.

CollaBowl will automize your search for travel influencers and contact creators, facilitate the communication and reduce the risks by providing the authenticity check reports, reviews from other companies and work portfolios of creators.

Secure your partnerships and get guaranteed results. By establishing a contractual relationship between the brand and the creator, we are ensuring the adherence to the agreed terms and the delivery of high-quality results on both sides.

We can’t afford to leave your questions unanswered and issues unsolved. No matter if you have a question about the platform, can’t make a decision on the best creator to choose or need a consultation about your overall marketing strategy. We are here to help.

Our networks and experience allow attracting the most prominent travel influencers, writers, photographers, video makers, and designers. Have not found a person you are looking for? We will take your individual case and come with a list of options from outside the platform.

We know how you feel and all pains travel professionals are facing, as we have gone through on our own. On top of that, CollaBowl appeared as a result of the inefficiencies we saw in the daily workflows of people in the travel industry. And we can solve some of them.

One of our main goals is to share our knowledge and to help our clients in becoming better at building their customer relationships. We truly believe in what we do and will provide you with free educational materials and free consultations about whatever matter at any time.

We need to stop interrupting what people are interested in and be what people are interested in.”

Craig Davis former Chief Creative Officer a - J. Walter Thompson.

Here’s what we do

Here are the primary tools that will help you to convert content marketing into the driver of customer relationship management & lead generation

Connect to travel influencers

Fast, easy & secure

The only way to make the travel influence marketing truly efficient is to develop a strategic approach and collaborate with people who are relevant to your audience

  • Search filters
  • Direct messaging
  • Authenticity reports
  • Porfolios & Reviews
  • Shortlisted options
  • Barter/Integrated payments

Hire best content creators

Enrich your social media & blog

There is nothing as important in the travel marketing as the visual component & useful materials. However, the only way to make in engaging for your customer is to prove its authenticity.

  • Travel writers
  • Photographers
  • Travel video makers
  • Travel blog owners
  • Travel planners
  • Instagram/Pinterest guru

Travel marketing strategy

Let us take care of your content marketing

If you feel like you need to develop a complex approach and to set a strategic frame, we are here to help. Setting the right starting point is an essential component of a successful approach to content marketing.

  • Content strategy
  • User profile analysis
  • Influence marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Creative projects
  • Blog creation/management

49% of users look at travel content websites when planning their journeys. 75% Digital users in the UK and more than 60% in the USA are travel content consumers

41% of millennial consumers aged 18-34 stated that travel influencers inspire their holiday destinations and experiences.

Here is how it works

1. Define the strategy

Even if you are new to travel content marketing and not sure where to start, we are happy to provide you with the all the necessary support and consultancy and to help you with defining your short – term and long – term goals & the way you can use CollaBowl to achieve them.

2. Post a task

Now when you are ready to start with the first project, it’s time to decide what type of content creators you will need. After that, the only thing you will need to do is to create a new task. Type the title, short specifications and use the filters that best describe your request.

For example:

Looking for a travel influencer who is (1) planning to visit Bali in October, has (2) family following base and (3) from 50K to 300K followers and (4) willing to work on Barter conditions.

Once the task is published, you will get a list of the best matching creators who are interested. That’s it!

3. Choose the collaborator

After we filter the top profiles & requests that are relevant to your task, it’s your turn to make the decision.

Check the authenticity reports, media kits, portfolios and profile descriptions of the creators, chat with them and choose the one that suits you the most.

4. Start your superstar project

Sign up the mutual agreements for a barter collaboration/make a prepayment on the website and start the collaboration!

Our aim to secure the rights & interests of both the brands and creators – so, it is all about building the relationships based on trust and willingness to create mutually beneficial outcomes.

Here we go!